Chapel of St. Joseph (staflholders)

The Chapel St. Joseph was founded by the guild of stallhold-ers and Georg von Schindel Bogendorf in about 1487.

The interior decoration dates from the 2nd half ofthe seven-teenth century when Baroque style was introduced in the church. The Altar of architectural type and its retable have a three-zone composition.

In the center of the reredos of the altar you will find the image of St. Joseph – the guardian of the Savior, painted by Carl Axmann (1868). The altar is flanked by columns and gilded ears of acanthus twigs. In-between the columns, against the back-ground of niches with shells, are figures of saints with spears: St. Pancras (?) with a sword and a spear – the guardian of oath and the avenger of perjury and St. Maurice (?) – a centurion with a spear, the patron saint of chivalry.
Above is a painting depicting St. George fighting with the dragon and St. Christopher carrying baby Jesus. The pic-ture is flanked by statues of saints: bishop St. Wolfgang and St. Nicholas. Gothic figurę of Our Lady with the Child in the mandorla crowns the altar.

At the very top of the altar you will find a Baroąue painting (4th ąuarter of the 17th century) in the shape of a trefoil. It depicts angels in heaven holding wreaths of victory for those who deserve the joy of eternal life. On the sides are statues of St. Stephen, the first martyr of the Church and St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr.

Stained glass window
Stained glass window dating from 1875 shows the Vir-gin and Child, along with the quote “Sancta Maria ora pro nobis” (St. Mary, pray for us). It was inspired by the image of Regina Pacis by Franz Ittenbach (1813-1879) and was madę in the workshop of Seiler in Wrocław. The stained glass window was exhibited at the Vienna World Fair in 1873 and won awards. For Świdnica parish church it was purchased by the parish priest Hugo Simon. In 1949, it underwent renovation works in Kraków (S.G. Żeleński).