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Olive Garden

On the northern wali of the nave is a large-format sculptural composition madę by Johann Riedel SJ (1654-1736), depicting the scenę of Jesus’ prayer on the Mount of 01ives “And going a little farther, he fell on his face and prayed,’ My Father, if pos-sible, may this cup be taken from me! Yet not as […]

Chapel of St. John the Baptist

The Chapel St. John the Baptist was founded by the guilds of clothiers in about 1474. The chapel boast an altarpiece dating from 1682. The painting at the center of the altarpiece depicts St. John clothed in camel leather (3. 4 Mt, Mk 1.6) with a cross and the words “ECCE AGNUS DEI” (Lamb of […]

The crypt

The crypt is located under the presbytery of the church. It was built in the lst half of the fourteenth century. The interior is covered with a twelve-sided palm vault supported by polygonal central pillar of granite sandstone. Rib vaults are profiled and complete with figures of heads with different ex-pressions. The interior is lit […]