Holy Dismas Altar

Dismas is a good thief (Dismas Latro) who was crucified with Jesus on Golgotha. He said to Jesus, repenting for sins, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus answered him, “Truły, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise” Lukę 23, 42-43. It was the fastest canonization in the Church’s history. Dismas received mercy from God. In the center of the reredos is presented crucifixion of Good Thief tied to the arms of the cross. In the background you can see Jerusalem on the hills.

Under the cross of Dismas you can see the good Samari-tan who attends to the abandoned man was attacked by robbers while walking from Jerusalem to Jericho. One of the robbers was Dismas. Also the priest and the Levite passed by but did not stop by the wounded man. They are depicted on the right side of the composition. Engrossed in reading, the priest did not pay attention to what is really important, Levite likewise. Traveler Samaritan attended to the wounds of the man, drove him to the inn and paid for care over him. He has shown mercy (Lukc 10: 30-35). The message contained in the altar is simple. You can not remain indifferent to the suffering of neighbor. If need arises, one should show compassion and help fellow people. Jesus left the two most important commandments of love “love your neighbor as yourself…”.

The finial is decorated with frieze on which angels sit sing-ing and playing musical instruments. The reredos is surrounded with hearts – symbols of the great power of God’s mercy.