All those who want to make a sacramental marriage in the near future are invited to a marriage preparation course

Preparation for marriage, for married and family life, is of great importance for the good of the Church. In fact, the sacrament of Marriage has great value for the whole Christian community and, in the first place, for the spouses whose decision is such that it cannot be improvised or made hastily. In the past, this preparation could count on the support of society which recognized the values and benefits of marriage. Without any difficulties or doubts, the Church protected the sanctity of marriage with the awareness that this sacrament represented an ecclesial guarantee as the living cell of the People of God. At least in the communities that were truly evangelized, the Church’s support was solid, unitary and compact. In general, separations and marriage failures were rare, and divorce was considered a social “plague”.

The next marriage preparation course in the cathedral parish will start on Saturday, March 16 at 6.00 p.m. in the hall of the parish house (1st floor).

Information for brides who would like to make a sacramental marriage in the cathedral are at the following link.